Lennart Smidt

pianist | composer | producer




PongPing - new video!


BOOMERANG - upcoming album release

This is my first piano solo album with own compositions.
Be part of this production, by making it possible on startnext.
This is a very special moment for me of getting back to where I started as a child.
There are many presents available... check it out, maybe you like it!


100 Saiten Beuys - new video!

In 2022, we went on an interdisciplinary journey between jazz, art mediation, and photography.
This was a very special project, and I had the honour to compose, improvise, and play live
a musical understanding of Joseph Beuys on the piano.
See video & website for more details:

Dr. Karen Michels - Bildreihen / Texte
Lennart Smidt - Kompositionen, Klavier
Jan Schneider - Fotografie


Rüdiger Bierhorst - Im Zentrum des Kreisels
record release

Touched by Rüdi’s playing and singing his own songs at the campfire at Waldinsel,
I told him “in case you need keyboards one day...”,
and had no idea to later become the producer (technical+musical director) of an incredible album that he had been working on for years.
Together with co-producer/multi-instrumentalist John Winston Berta and the Hannover crew we made it possible, and with much love and care for detail, this project probably saved us from the lowest pandemic-lows... And after many days of sound-design, recording, arranging, mixing, in 2023 it finally came out.

songs by Rüdiger Bierhorst
M.D., production, keys by Lennart Smidt
listen on spotify
buy vinyl + CD on waldinsel.com


Justin Remfrey Trio - Das Wesen
record release

Justin Remfrey - bass
Lennart Smidt - piano
Johann Gottschling - drums

compositions by J. R.
listen on bandcamp


The videos from pipe organ / hammond organ duo stylus fantasticus 2019 are online!
Listen & watch Incantation based on Vask’s Viatore.


Lennart Smidt - Take.Off
record release

Hiske Oosterwijk - vocals
Matt Wilson - drums
Esat Ekincioglu - bass
Lennart Smidt - piano, arrangements